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Farm Stores is a unique neighborhood store. We’re a drive-thru bakery, grocery, and cafe in one fast and friendly location.

Need some coffee and a breakfast sandwich on your way to work? We’re the fastest, freshest, friendliest place to go.
Ran out of milk, coffee, bread, eggs, or cereal on a Tuesday night? No need to panic, or park, just drive on through and we’ll take care of you.
Plus, Farm Stores is the only place in the neighborhood where you can drive up and get served hot baked bread, fresh squeezed OJ and lemonade, milkshakes, hot soup, smoothies, and more—in just minutes!


– Milk

Including Organic, Soy, Coconut, Almond & Oat

– Half & Half

– Sour Cream

– Yogurt

– Eggs

– Butter

– Ice Cream

– Cream Cheese

Our Bakery

– Fresh Hot Bread
– French Baguette
– Rustic Baguette
– Multigrain Baguette
– Country Loaf

– Mini Cheese Bread
– Hot Cheese Sticks
– Empanadas
– Beef • Chicken • Spinach
– Cookie Crisps


– Soda & Juices
– Fresh-Squeezed OJ
– Coffee
– Cappuccinos
– Milkshakes

– Smoothies
– Energy Drinks
– Slushies
– Water

Deli & Meats

– Ready-To-Eat Sandwiches
– Hot Dogs
– Bacon

– Lunchables
– Hot Soups Daily


– Sliced Bread
– Bagels
– Donuts

– Muffins
– Kaiser Rolls
– Hamburger & Hot Dog Rolls


– Cereal
– Coffee
– Sugar
– Flour
– Syrup
– Chips
– Rice
– Pasta

– Health & Beauty
– Laundry Items
– Paper Products
– Baby Needs
– Condiments
– Pet Food

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